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Here cuffs the bride! The moment Polish woman was arrested
in her wedding dress as she said her vows to Pakistani stranger who paid her £2,500 for sham marriage

The happiest day of their lives: Polish 'bride' Helena Puchalska and her Pakistani husband-to-be Asif Ali are marched away from their sham marriage in handcuffs
Instead of leaving Northampton Guildhall as man and wife, Polish Helena Puchalska (pictured) and her Pakistani husband-to-be Asif Ali were led back down the aisle in handcuffs after Border Agency officers swooped on the pair. Puchalska, 20, was jailed for 15 months while Ali was caged for two years after they admitted taking part in the sham wedding.

I'm standing up for the middle classes and I deserve a seat! Why 'drunken' company director belted man who put laptop bag on seat

Mr Fowler was arrested at East Croydon Station after attacking a fellow commuter for having a laptop on a vacant seat Financial consultant Kevin Fowler, pictured, from Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, was arrested at East Croydon station after scarring a fellow passenger, beneath the eye for life.

'How we ripped out the eyeballs of our "muppet" clients': Goldman Sachs exec exposes bank's 'toxic' greed in scathing public resignation letter

'Greedy': Executive director Greg Smith has quit Goldman Sachs in an open letter, claiming it cares more about money than what is good for the client In a resignation letter published in the New York Times, Greg Smith, an executive director who worked at the bank for 12 years, lambasted the firm as more interested in making money for itself than its clients.

Every little helps! iPads advertised for £49.99 in Tesco online pricing blunder

ipad A spattering of bargain-hunters snapped up a new iPad 3 for the incredible price of £49.99 thanks to a glaring price glitch on the Tesco website.

£45m EuroMillions jackpot winner pays off his relatives' mortgages and loans... but still not even a birthday card for his estranged mother

Matt Topham Matt Topham (pictured), who hasn't spoken to his mother Julie Gamble for seven years, hasn't given her a single penny and refuses to even acknowledge her 50th.

Horror in the Alps: 22 children and six adults killed plus dozens injured after their 'speeding' bus crashes in Swiss tunnel returning from ski trip

Police said the bus, in which the 12-year-old schoolchildren were travelling, was going 'considerably faster' than the 63mph speed limit as it careered into an underpass wall on the A9 highway, near Sierre, Valais, close to the border with Italy. At least 22 children and six adults were killed in the crash after the vehicle veered, hit a kerb and then rammed into a concrete wall in the Swiss tunnel. Photographs showed the bus rammed up against the side of the tunnel, the front ripped open, broken glass and debris strewn on the road and rescue workers climbing in through side windows.

One of world's top five porn sites is hacked - and email addresses and passwords of 72,000 users are stolen

Digital Playground has been hacked by a group calling itself The Consortium, which claims to have stolen 72,000 email addresses and passwords Digital Playground has been hacked by a group calling itself The Consortium, which claims to have stolen 72,000 names, email addresses and passwords.

£270m plant will turn seawater from the Thames Estuary into drinking water for one million people as drought hits

Finally, a drop to drink: This picture shows the vast filters of the desalination plant in Backton, east London, which can turn seawater from the Thames Estuary into drinking water The new £270million plant (pictured) at Beckton, east London, could be used this summer to supply 400,000 households with filtered seawater to help combat the impending hosepipe ban.

Elderly homeowner who faked document in bitter boundary war with neighbour over 5ft of land faces financial ruin

Devious: Peter Hutchinson tampered with a site plan during a boundary dispute before he and partner Susan Penning accused their neighbour, Michael Neale, of forging the document himself Peter Hutchinson, from Leominster, won the boundary dispute but still faces a six-figure legal bill after showing contempt of court and perverting the course of justice.

A nation of part-time workers: 1.3million can't find a full-time job as unemployment rate hits a near 17-year high

Human cost: Nearly 3million have been thrown out of work in four years Unemployment has hit a near 17-year high at 2.7million - with the jobless rate rising by a further 28,000 between November and January, official figures revealed.

Asda tells suppliers: Don't fly the Union flag on your packets (because it might offend the Scots)

Offensive? Asda has warned suppliers about sending products with Union Flag packaging to Scotland or Northern Ireland The supermarket has complained to suppliers using the Union flag on their packaging – amid fears it might offend customers in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Your tome is up... Encyclopedia Britannica ends its print edition after 244 years as it fully embraces digital age

What a run: Encyclopedia Britannica is the longest-running manufacturer of printed encyclopedias, with its first edition printed in Scotland in 1768 As books lose their lustre in the age of the iPad and the Kindle, the oldest manufacturer of encyclopedias is cutting out its entire print operation.

Mother knifed to death in front of her child, 4, had her Facebook status changed to 'sleeping around' shortly before attack

Soldier Ian Lowe posing with his girlfriend Leanne McNuff - the woman he is suspected of stabbing to death - and their son Jayden pictured as a baby
Leanne McNuff, 24, was knifed in her home in Droylsden, Greater Manchester, just an hour after phoning her best friend to say her account had been hacked. Her soldier boyfriend Ian Lowe, 24, was arrested shortly after she was attacked in front of her son Jayden.

So tell me, Barack, why are all these big lads playing netball? (Well, there wasn't much basketball at Eton)

The two world leaders were seen courtside at a college basketball game in Dayton Ohio, although Mr Cameron looked a bit confused at some points. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Mr Cameron's Eton education may have been more about cricket and rugby than the world famous American game. The British Prime Minster had arrived in Washington earlier today on a chartered British Airways jet with wife Samantha just before 2pm local time.

British mother lands at JFK in New York to be told her little girl, 2, has died falling down the stairs

Fatal: The two-year-old girl fell to her death at her home in Manchester whilst her mother was away in New York The girl's mother had just touched down at New York's JFK Airport when she was told that her daughter had suffered a serious head injury falling down the stairs at her home, pictured, in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester.

BHS knitwear made by Bangladeshi sweatshop workers paid 10p an hour and are 'beaten and humiliated'

Workers rights: Staff face prison-like conditions producing BHS clothes The department store chain is among a string of brands who have items produced at the Chinese-owned Rosita and Megatex factories in the North Bengal region of Bangladesh.

Chelmsford becomes first city in Essex after winning Diamond Jubilee contest

To mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Chelmsford in Essex has been awarded city status To mark the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the former town has been awarded city status. Perth, in Scotland, and St Asaph, in Wales, have also been given the honour, it was announced today.

Chancellor to repay our debts NEXT CENTURY with 100-year bonds last used after First World War in bid to take advantage of historic low interest rates

Chancellor George Osborne is to revive 'never-ending' loans George Osborne will announce in next week's Budget that he is to offer Government bonds lasting 100 years - and 'perpetual' loans that can roll on for ever.

Britain's biggest burger! It's 18,000 calories (more than the WEEKLY recommended calorie intake for a man), has 7lbs of beef and nine rashers of bacon

The Beast burger
'The Beast', from Burgers at Blacks in South London, tips the scales at 15 pounds and is garnished with nine slices of cheese and a whole lettuce. Restaurant owner Vas Herodotou (pictured with hungry customer Nicholas Hitchens) says the newly launched super-snack is the ultimate challenge for peckish punters.

Professional women who have children 'forced to accept low-paid and unskilled roles'

Working mother: professional women are forced to accept low-skilled jobs after having a child because of a lack of full-time posts Just three per cent of posts paying more than £20,000 per year are advertised as possible part-time posts. according to a study by the Joesph Rowntree foundation.

Death of the Domestic Goddess! Baking and sewing skills dying out as modern mothers claim they are too busy to learn

Lost skill set: Today's busy mothers are not learning the homemaking skills the older generations took for granted A new study has found that millions of mothers struggle with a string of skills their own mothers would have carried out with ease.

Apple's iPad Mini 'announced' (by a leaky official at arch-rival Samsung)

The iPad Mini would add variety to Apple's one-size-fits-all approach, and would be more portable. It will also show that Apple is prepared to break away from the beliefs of Steve Jobs. The iPad Mini, if confirmed, would add variety to Apple's one-size-fits-all approach, and would be more portable. It will also show that Apple is prepared to break away from the beliefs of Steve Jobs.

Forget mother and father: 'Parents could be re-named Progenitors A and B' under plans for gay marriage

Lord Brennan QC Lord Brennan QC (pictured), an opponent of same sex marriage, claimed the erosion of traditional words from the statute books could result in legislative chaos.

Lost your phone? 96% of people who find them will snoop through pictures, emails and even bank accounts - and only half will try to return it

Losing a smartphone might actually be just as bad as having it stolen - 96 per cent of finders will look through the handset, and 43 per cent will try to access online banking details Security firm Symantec left 50 handsets lying in the street, 'baited' with private-sounding apps called Private Pix and Online Banking in cities including New York and San Francisco.

'I'll try to do all I can to make you happy' : Heartbreaking final message of girlfriend who died texting at the wheel... released by her boyfriend as a warning to others

Tragic: Emy Brochu, 20, died when her car plunged into the back of a tractor-trailer as it merged with traffic near Victoriaville, Quebec, on January 18 The boyfriend of Emy Brochu, from Victoriaville, Quebec, who died in a car crash while texting on her cell phone, has published the final messages sent between them, shortly before her car plunged into the back of a tractor-trailer.

Polo millionaire 'may have drunk an Irish car bomb, a mind eraser, two tequila shots and a vodka soda on night he killed motorist in DUI crash,' bartender says

On trial: Polo tycoon John Goodman is charged with DUI manslaughter in the February 2010 death of 23-year-old Scott Wilson John Goodman, pictured, is accused of drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter in the death of 23-year-old Scott Wilson in February 2010.

Worst-taste souvenir ever! Bobble head dolls of President Lincoln's assassin taken off the shelves of Gettysburg gift shop

The dolls of John Wilkes Booth with a handgun were removed from shelves of the Gettysburg National Military Park gift shop The dolls of John Wilkes Booth with a handgun were removed from shelves of the gift shop at Gettysburg National Military Park on Saturday.

Hitting the high notes: London Olympic chiefs spend £1m of taxpayers' cash on helicopter opera... to be held in skies over Birmingham

Controversial: Olympics chiefs are to celebrate the London Games with a £1million helicopter opera ¿ 120 miles away in Birmingham. One of the musicians taking part is seen here practicing A string quartet will be flown over Birmingham with their music – Stockhausen’s Wednesday from Light – broadcast to the audience below.

So where's your missus, Charlie? Rebekah Brooks' husband makes belated arrival at Cheltenham Festival a day after dawn arrest - but ALONE!

Mr Brooks could afford a smile for the camera as he arrived at the Cheltenham Festival this morning - albeit a day late. He had previously declared how queuing for a pint during the first session of the meeting was the 'happiest moment of my year'. But he never made it that far as the 49-year-old and his wife, former News International boss Rebekah Brooks, were arrested yesterday on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Mysterious planet-sized 'Death Star' captured on video as it 'refuels' at the surface of the sun

An orbiting Nasa space telescope captured a dark, planet-sized object flying close to the sun on Monday - then extending what looks like a refueling tube into the star's surface.

Does this diary prove Hitler had a lovechild? D-Day soldier's notebook backs up claim Fuhrer's baby was born to Frenchwoman in 1918

Leonard Wilkes Former Royal Engineer Leonard Wilkes, (pictured) from Small Heath, Birmingham, kept the notebook during his time serving in France.

Ultra-violent film in which teenagers battle to death on gameshow set to break UK box office records

Box office hype: The eagerly-anticipated film The Hunger Games, starring Jennifer Lawrence, left, as Katniss Everdeen, and Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne, is out worldwide on March 23 The Hunger Games, based on the first part of Suzanne Collins trilogy, and has been compared to the hugely successful Harry Potter and 'Twilight' vampire movie franchises because of the hype surrounding the launch.

Dementia sufferer conned out of £56,000 life-savings… by his OWN son-in-law

Dementia sufferer Geoffrey Hough was duped of his £56,000 life savings by son-in-law, inset, Ian Boardman Geoffrey Hough, right, from Manchester, was tricked into handing over his savings and soon after he was moved him to a care home by his son-in law.

Drought could lead to a surge in food price as farmers warn they are already being ‘seriously affected’

Concerns: Farmers in southern and eastern areas say they fear low yields unless there are heavy downpours Farmers in southern and eastern areas say they are already being 'seriously affected' by the dry conditions and fear low yields unless there are heavy downpours.

Man vs. Wild’s Bear Grylls 'fired after he refused to participate in two upcoming projects'

Sources said that Discovery Channel has ended their relationship with British survivalist Bear Grylls (pictured), allegedly because he refused to participate in two of the network's upcoming projects Sources said that Discovery Channel has ended their relationship with British survivalist Bear Grylls (pictured), allegedly because he refused to participate in two of the network's upcoming projects.

Caught on camera: Horrific moment girl, 17, is hurled 70ft along road by hit and run driver as he races another car

In this blurry CCTV image the silver car, pictured travelling on the wrong side of the road, has just hit Megan who is being carried on the bonnet before being flung on to the road seconds later Megan Heaps, who was on a zebra crossing in Reddish, Stockport, was carried on the bonnet of the speeding Vauxhall Astra before being thrown by the car into the road.

Britain 2012: The moment armed police surrounded woman in veil - fearing she had a bomb - in eight-hour stand-off on quiet seaside promenade

Officers took aim at her shortly after 11am having received a tip-off claiming she could have an explosive device in her bag. A 40-year-old woman was then arrested in connection with the incident around 7.30pm under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act. The stand-off started at the seafront in Saltburn, Teesside. Army bomb disposal experts were called in immediately.

The 'matchmaker' finally turns herself in: Glamorous 'accomplice' of Manhattan Madam in court to face prostitution charge

madam Jaynie Mae Baker, 30, from Brooklyn, appeared before a judge today on a single count of promoting prostitution after finally handing herself in.

Pictured for the first time: The secret document showing Britain's offer to SHARE Falklands with Argentina

Non-official: The document shows the offer from Howard Wilson's Labour government to President Perón This the secret document, from Harold Wilson's Labour government, that details Britain's offer to share the Falkland Islands with Argentina in 1974.

Three horses killed on opening day of Cheltenham Festival in worrying echo of last year's Grand National meet

Heartbreaking: Garde Champetre, 13, right, suffered a serious injury during the first day of the Cheltenham Festival and had to be destroyed. Two other horses were also killed Scotsirish, Garde Champetre and Educated Evans all died on the Cheltenham course which has claimed the lives of nine horses in the last five years.

Police use TWITTER to reveal missing girl is found safe... before they even informed her mother

Twitter preview Chloe Cropper's family had become worried after she disappeared from her school, St Catherine’s Academy, in Bolton, on Monday.

Money can't buy taste: Dragon's Den stars Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones go to dinner in their tacky £300k Maybach limos

Money can't buy taste: Dragon's Den stars Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones go to dinner in their tacky £300k Maybach limos
The ostentatious vehicles pulled up outside the famous San Carlo restaurant last night, just off Deansgate in Manchester's city centre. And some passers-by were so take aback by the glistening vehicles that they stopped to take pictures of them both.

Water cannons may be on our streets within months: Tear gas and Tasers also on police 'wish list' to combat riots

Controversial water cannons are sanctioned for use in Northern Ireland. Here, nationalist youths come under attack in the Ardoyne area of Belfast in 2001 Senior officers are demanding the 'valuable' crowd control weapons, previously deployed by UK police only in Northern Ireland, and the Government has signalled that it will foot the bill.

The bad-boy poses of teenage thug who killed pensioner with one punch in last summer's riots then carried on looting

Images show Darrell Desuze, taken from Facebook Darrel Desuze, 17, (pictured) has been revealed as the rioter who punched Richard Mannington Bowes, 68, knocking him to the ground as he fought flames in Ealing, west London on August 8 last year.

Homeless Hotspot plan 'to be axed' after ad agency backs away from plan to use real people as walking wi-fi zones

Homeless people were paid with donations to wear T-shirts saying 'I'm a 4G hotspot', offering wi-fi access to conference goers The New York advertising agency behind a plan to use homeless people as walking wi-fi hotspots has been forced to back off the controversial plan.

British pensioner and Thai bride found battered to death in remote bungalow

Resort: The Prachuap Khiri Khan region, where Michael Raymond and Suchada Bonkamdi were found dead Thai police were today holding a security guard, a chef and a local fisherman. They say the men were looking for cash but only got the equivalent of £41, a bank card and a mobile phone.

Greedy water firms send bills soaring by up to 8% days before hosepipe ban is introduced

Barren: Water bills are set to soar as much of Britain is faced with dusty rivers and shorter showers after a dry winter British families already facing a restricted water supply thanks to the drought will now have to pay an average of 5.7 per cent more for the privilege.

'I'll be over the limit - I've drunk two cans of Special Brew': What Tory council chief told police officer when she was pulled over for drink-driving

Christine Channon arriving at court where she admitted to drinking nearly twice the legal drink drive limit Councillor Christine Channon, former cabinet member for education at Devon County Council, stopped in her home town Budleigh Salterton after crashing her car.

It looks like a tornado hit it: Partying teenagers wreck $500,000 home in copycat of hit film Project X

Teens threw a party at the empty home of a Texas neighbourhood before going on a wrecking spree with the owners saying it looked like it had been hit by a tornado
The party thrown by a group of teens in an empty Texas home led to a wrecking spree with the owners saying it looked like it had been hit by a tornado. Nearly every window in the Houston home had been smashed, and walls kicked in.

'Clutching a bottle of cold water while exercising can help make you fitter'

Young woman standing on a treadmill in the gymnasium Do you struggle to jog on the treadmill for more than a few minutes before you're exhausted? The solution is surprisingly close at hand, say Stanford University scientists.

Do 'tiger mothers' have it wrong? Children do better at school when told that failure is a normal part of learning

Exam stress; Children who were told that failure is a normal part of learning did better in tests Children actually perform best when they are told that failure - and trying again - is a normal part of learning, according to a new study at the University of Poitiers in France.

Planet of the (little) apes: Save the world by genetically engineering humans to be smaller, suggests philosopher

Engineering of the future: Could we re-wire humans to be intolerant of meat and less of a drain on our planet's resources? A leading philosopher suggests mankind should consider extreme options - such as taking pills to stop us eating meat or engineering ourselves to be smaller - to reduce our ecological footprint.

The death of spontaneity? Average Brit so busy they have to make plans FIVE WEEKS in advance just to meet friends

 A dinner party Figures today reveal one in ten of our dairies are now packed for the next ten weeks with work commitments, kids’ parties, christenings and family weekends.

Teen tells court on video how she spent years mostly locked in basement and eating trash

Video released: The 15-year-old girl can be seen telling a detective about the abuse she has allegedly suffered The slightly built 15-year-old from Wisconsin tells a detective she was forced to eat food from the trash or floor and to relieve herself in boxes or containers.

'Aren't you supposed to be on a diet?' New fridges could be TOO clever as tech companies make chips for white goods that 'think'

The new ARM chips are smaller, lower-powered and far cheaper than previous processors Fridges and ovens could become eerily intelligent - one the world's biggest chip companies, ARM, has unveiled a new processor built to work inside 'connected' white goods.

World's tallest man reaches his peak as scientists discover way to finally STOP him from growing

Tall order: Doctors at the University of Virginia have developed a treatment for the world's tallest man Sultan Kosen which they say has finally stopped him growing at 8ft 3ins
Turkish farm labourer Sultan Kosen, 29, suffers from the rare disorder acromegaly which causes his body to continually produce the growth hormone. Researchers at the University of Virginia Medical Center, who developed a tailor made treatment after he visited in 2010, say he has finally stopped growing.

Girl, 12, dies after being struck in the chest by a rugby ball in school PE lesson

Leonie Nice was catching the ball during a lesson at Woodlands Comprehensive School in Basildon, Essex, when she was hit in the chest and fell over, appearing to have a fit, Essex County Council said. Emergency services were called after the incident, just before noon today, and Leonie was taken to Basildon Hospital but died shortly after.

Tesco's 170,000 staff will have to work up to two years longer if they want their pensions (could you be next?)

Every little helps? Tesco staff will now be forced to work for two more years before benefiting from the company pension The supermarket is increasing the retirement age from 65 to 67, forcing employees to work for two more years before they receive their full company pension.

Want to become a father? Put down that English breakfast: Study shows diets high in saturated fat damage sperm

Sperm buster: A full English breakfast But men who eat more ‘good’ fats – including the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and some plant oils – have better quality sperm.

Star Trek becomes reality as Microsoft unveils 'Universal Translator' which turns spoken English into 26 other languages

William Shatner as James T Kirk Microsoft researchers Frank Soong and Rick Rashid have created a device which converts English language speech into a total of 26 languages.

Butler 'injected millionaire socialite with deadly virus and told her she would die if she didn't hand over $8.5million for antidote'

Anne Bass The butler accused of holding millionaire socialite Anne Bass (pictured) hostage in her Connecticut estate and injecting her with 'a deadly virus' goes on trial today.

Vomit omelettes and swims in rotten food: Inside the weird (and revolting) world of fraternities

Fraternity Dartmouth senior Andrew Lohse (pictured) went public with allegations that his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, hazed its members, forcing them to do disgusting things.

HOW MUCH? One-room beach hut with no electricity or running water (but stunning views) put up for sale for £126,000

the beach hut on the Mudeford Spit The one-room cabin on Mudeford Spit near Christchurch, Dorset, boasts stunning views out to the Needles on to the Isle of Wight.

One man and his dogs: Competitors in 1,000-mile sled race dwarfed by the awesome landscapes of Alaska

Wilderness: Ramey Smith, who finished in third place, departs the checkpoint at Koyuk during the nearly 1,000mile-long race
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and takes more than nine days to complete. As these stunning images show, its course winds though the bleak, freezing terrain. Dallas Seavey last night became the youngest musher to win the race - he turned 25 on March 4, the day the trek officially started north of Anchorage.

Trying to win an election? Lower your voice (...Maggie did and it worked for her)

Confident speaker: Margaret Thatcher used voice coaching during her time as Prime Minister Some politicians may have known this already - indeed the film The Iron Lady shows Margaret Thatcher undergoing voice training to make her sound more statesmanlike.

Mother and baby 'safer after two caesareans' insist scientists

Pregnant women who have two caesareans are more likely to have healthy babies Women were less likely to haemorrhage or need a blood transfusion, and their babies were also less than half as likely to be seriously ill, the journal PLoS Medicine reports.

'You look like Taylor Lautner': High school teacher, 31, 'seduced student by telling him he resembled Twilight star'

Janel Ramirez Police arrested Janel Ramirez, pictured, a married teacher at Hemet High school in Riverside, California, after the student told school authorities about the affair.

'Force them to work': Think tank calls on ministers to get tough on feckless fathers

Centre-right thinktank Policy Exchange has said unemployed fathers who no longer live with their partners should be made to take a job The Policy Exchange thinktank called on ministers to target these individuals and fast-track them on to compulsory work experience schemes to try to get them back into the labour market.

'He always said that's the way he wanted to go': Conductor dies in front of wife DURING orchestra concert

conductor tragedy
Arapahoe Philharmonic conductor Vincent LaGuardia, 68, (pictured, right) suffered an apparent heart attack while conducting Bach's Toccata and Fugue in Littleton, Colorado. His wife Tracy (left and circled in main picture) was playing lead violin and could only watched helplessly as desperate attempts were made to revive him.

The drugs DO work: Painkillers are more effective than massage, TENS machines and hypnosis during labour

New findings: Taking drugs to relieve pain in labour works better than alternatives such as massage, TENS machines and hypnosis, research has found Experts from universities including Liverpool, Warwick and Manchester said painkillers such as an epidural, as well as gas and air, are more effective than softer approaches at relieving pain in labour.

The battle of Middle Earth (Enterprises): British pub called The Hobbit for 20 years is sued by Hollywood giant over use of name

Bilbo's bar: The Hobbit pub is facing legal action from a Hollywood film company in what it has called 'a war between hobbits and orcs' The themed bar in Southampton has become the target of legal action by a U.S. film company in what is being described as 'a war between the Hobbits and the orcs.'

Not just a cliche: Women really are worse at parking says survey

Women are twice as likely as men to fail their driving test for terrible reversing A total of 40,863 women were failed last year for not controlling their car while reverse parking, compared with 18,798 men.

'They've sold him down the river': Mother's rage after Government approves extradition to U.S. of student accused of breaking copyright law

Not happy: Richard O'Dwyer is facing extradition to the U.S. His mother Julia claims he is being 'sold down the river' by the Government Sheffield Hallam University undergraduate Richard O'Dwyer, 23, allegedly earned thousands of pounds through advertising on the TVShack website before it was closed down by authorities in the United States.

Is this Britain's worst photo? Amateur snapper wins 'bad picture' competition for his 'glowing baby' portrait

Demon baby: Stuart McGhee won the award for the worst photo in Britain with this eerie snap of his daughter Jasmine

Fines for overrun road works will QUADRUPLE to £10k a day in bid by MPs to ease jams

Penalties: Utility firms will face fines of up to £10,000 per day if they cause traffic jams and disruption with over running roadworks Ministers hope it will spend the end to motorists fuming in their gridlockled cars when stuck behind road-works barriers where not a stroke of work is being done.

The happy and healthy toddler whose life was saved by world-first lung surgery while she was still in her mother's WOMB

Monica and Marcos Corominas with their 16-month-old daughter Alaitz whose life was saved by pioneering neonatal surgery while still in her mother's womb six months into pregnancy Alaitz Corominas is expected to live a full life after becoming the world’s first foetus to undergo the procedure at a hospital in Barcelona, Spain.

Free banking is an 'outmoded concept that doesn't really work' says chief of financial regulator

Natwest could be amongst the banks that will soon charge for account services It came as the City watchdog launched its Retail Conduct Risk Outlook – a 118-page report listing the 15 biggest risks facing families using financial services.

Cheap food diet of care home elderly: Now nurses condemn the penny-pinching managers

Disheartened: The care of the elderly in homes is alarming for pensioners and nurses alike Research from the Royal College of Nursing also found that one in four nurses cannot get adequate medical supplies or equipment

Burlesque beauties of the 1890s: Stunning vintage photos of 'loose women in tights' who perfected the art of the tease

Photos reveal curvy beauties who were considered as low as prostitutes by some for showing off the shapes of their legs and thighs. But the outlandish performances were more than just erotic entertainment. They challenged the role and position of women of the day.


The sick little girl given a new leash of life by her dog: How Mr Gibbs keeps keeps Alida, 3, alive by strapping oxygen tank to his back

Happy: Mr Gibbs gives Alida hope despite the incredible hardship she must endure
Alida Knobloch’s faithful canine companion Mr Gibbs has been specially trained to shepherd the three-year-old, from Louisville, Georgia, who breathes through a tube.

Water big cheat! Disability benefits conwoman caught on waterslide during luxury South of France holiday is forced to sell house to pay back £16,000

Benefits cheat Tina Attanasio Tina Attanasio, 51, (pictured) from Cardiff, was framed by her own family holiday videos showing her splashing around in her swimwear on a sunshine holiday in the South of France.

Syrian army using 30 types of torture says Amnesty ... As Assad's troops plant landmines along border to stop refugees fleeing

Syria Activists said Syrian government forces laid the banned weapons, which they fear will hurt citizens for 'years to come', in areas close to the Turkish border.

All the thrill of the hunt: 'Harmless' rifle that allows people to take photos of their prey is launched

Randall and Michael Gregg hunting rifle Two American hunting fans today unveiled their vision for a ‘harmless hunting’ gun. It looks identical to a normal rifle, except for one major difference - instead of firing a bullet, it takes a picture of your prey.

Energy giants pocket £168 a second despite big dip in power use and wholesale prices

Energy profits: Money Mail figures reveal giants pocket £168 a second Analysis of the four big firms which have so far reported their results show how they made £5.3billion in 2011.This profit doesn’t just come from selling gas and electricity, but also from generating and selling it on at a mark-up.

Mac on... Rebekah Brooks' arrest

Mac on...Rebekah Brooks' arrest
'They've been released on bail with a warning and two horses'

Scientists stumped by mysterious methane-packed foam making hog farms explode

Victims: Six farms have exploded since 2009. One explosion killed 1,500 pigs Scientists are baffled by an expanding foam growing on manure pits and causing entire hog farms to explode across the Midwest. Researchers are uncertain what is causing the foam which is packed full of methane.

Tax breaks for married couples are 25 years overdue, says Lawson as he attacks system that discriminates against families

Concern: Lord Lawson revealed he lobbied for the tax breaks to be introduced when he was Chancellor The former Chancellor, right, said the tax system discriminates against families and children and he urged George Osborne, left, to end the unfairness in the Budget next week.

Criss-cross King's Cross: Record breaking 'vest' structure to be unveiled at London railway station as part of £500m revamp

King's Cross new concourse
This is the centre-piece of one of Britain's biggest and most famous stations - King's Cross - restored with a 21st century twist to its greatness as a railway gateway to the North. The £500million restoration of the 160-year old Grade 1 listed building is part of a further £2.2billion redevelopment of the once shabby and rather disreputable King's Cross area.



'It was like a building collapsing': Drama as Brooklyn Bridge closed for three hours after crane on tugboat scrapes off underside sheeting

Brooklyn Bridge was dramatically closed for three hours last night after a crane on top of a tugboat scraped 20ft of protective sheeting from its underside. Firefighters and police raced to the New York landmark at 8pm as the canvas sheeting, in place for two years to catch paint chips from a long-standing paint job, collapsed into the river below.

Me and my 'Superdad': Boy, 10, receives kidney from father after his body attacks his own organs

Close bond: Duane Harvard (left) said it was a privilege to donate a kidney to his son When his son was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that attacked his kidneys, Duane Harvard, 51, from Bedford, didn't think twice about donating one of his own.

Married newspaper editor, 63, dies of heart attack after having sex with woman, 23

Scheme: The woman told officers Caldwell, whom she had met a year ago, paid her money for school supplies in return for sex at her apartment Robert J. Caldwell, who worked for the editorial pages of the Oregonian, was unresponsive after sex with a student in her apartment. The pair met a year ago and he gave her cash to get through college.

Students shocked as US high school assembly descends into homophobic rant against Sir Elton John and Lady Gaga

Captive audience: A still from a video in which preacher Bradlee Dean gives students at Dunkerton High School, Iowa, a lecture attacking popular culture for promoting homosexuality Kicking off with a hard rock performance, it was clear this was not to be your average assembly. But things took a turn for the worse when the event, in Iowa, veered into an attack on homosexuality.

Meet Herbert the turbot who swims the opposite direction to the rest of his shoal because his face is back to front

Mirror image: Herbert, left, whose eyes are on the wrong side of his head, comes face to face with another Turbot in Weymouth Sealife centre quarantine unit in Dorset A rare genetic abnormality means the eyes on Herbert, the turbot from Weymouth Sea Life Centre, Dorset, have moved to the opposite side of his to other flat fish.

A lonely place to be: Smallest town in the U.S goes under the hammer

Lonely: The town of Buford, which currently has one sole inhabitant, is going under the hammer next month The smallest town in the U.S is goes up for auction next month. Buford, Wyoming, famed for having a population of one, will go under the hammer at noon on April 5.

Oops... Delta jet rolls off runway at world's busiest airport after technician in cockpit 'pushes wrong button'

The embarrassing blunder occurred at Atlanta International airport while the Boeing 737 was undergoing tests A plane crashed at the world's busiest airport after a technician allegedly hit the wrong button. The embarrassing blunder occurred at Atlanta International airport while the Boeing 737 was undergoing routine tests.

Most children still in mixed-ability classes, despite endless promises from ministers

Little difference: Most classes in secondary schools are still mixed-ability, despite repeated Conservative and Labour promises to increase the use of streaming Ofsted figures show that state school pupils in England are taught in streams or sets for just 45 per cent of their lessons. The split was the same 15 years ago.

Artist with his head in the clouds:The man who creates beautiful clouds INDOORS

Fleeting: Each cloud only exists for a moment before dissipating
You might think it would be bad luck for a raincloud to follow you around, and avoid being in one's vicinity. But not for Dutch artist Berndnaut Smildeas, who actively seeks to create them.

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